Introduction to Winkelman Solutions - Winkelman Solutions | David Winkelman, Visual Facilitator
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Introduction to Winkelman Solutions

I’m creating this blog as an interactive experience that makes achieving any kind of professional growth a little easier for you. It will contain as diverse an array of stories, perspectives, observations and lateral musings as I can create – with the aim of providing fresh points of clarity, connection and inspiration on the subject of achieving desired change, better results and performance. Of course, this is what I want for myself, too.

We know that life doesn’t look like lines on a graph. It’s messy, slippery and in our face. Pressure points shift constantly. My aim is to help make the kinds of change or growth you desire within yourself, team, or company—faster, more predictable, and practical for you to make it happen. For the most part, this is more likely to happen with the ongoing support of others.

A red, white and blue wave with green dots.

As illustrated in the doodle below, the real-life journey through the landscape of change varies from person to person, situation to situation. My own path has been a long one, largely because it took me so long to recognize how deeply I needed to heal and recover parts of me that were barely functioning. To do that I had to see and own my dysfunctional patterns, like childhood trauma, that created anxiety. Like so many others, I needed to let go of and eliminate such programs from their hidden and unconscious. None of this was easy or seemed particularly practical, and I kept the process largely to myself. But it doesn’t have to be that way. When recovery in any form is done in the light, with the help of others and free of shame, the work moves much faster and with far greater ease.

A group of colorful streamers are drawn on paper.

The straightest possible path I know is to learn and use the Five GameChangers that I lay out in my book – tools of a general nature that you’re already familiar with I’m sure. Some of these posts will be adapted from the book, while most will be completely original. Every post will relate to, and deal with, some aspect of self-change and transformation – the intimate details and how-to’s that require practice and motivation for daily implementation.

I heartily invite you to email me with questions, comments, and your own stories—filled with success or process insights. Whatever size change or transformation you’re looking for—whether it’s for yourself, your family, team or company—know that you will get there when you put your heart into it. Countless stories, authors, teachers, facilitators’ work is testament to that – as is my own. Brené Brown is one such author and teacher, whose work I fully endorse.

May you find the quality of support here that speeds you along the path.