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Get the first 3 chapters of David’s guidebook
“Embracing Change from the Inside Outâ€.

Embracing Change From the Inside Out

Game-Changing Options for Transforming Self, Team and Company

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This book is for people who want to quickly:

  • Alter their life and situation by changing their own behavior.
  • Help their company or team improve its performance.
  • Support others in changing their behavior.
  • Be more productive and effective at work.
  • Get unstuck in some way.

In this creative and interactive 160-page workbook—designed, written and illustrated by David Winkelman—Embracing Change From the Inside Out offers readers interested in making changes in themselves a personal, unique, and illustrated guide to desired behavior change and transformation. Readers get a tour of the landscape of desired change, its diverse processes, in’s and out’s, and many of its challenges.

Embracing Change from the Inside Out provides a practical approach to change via five key GameChangers—Clarity, Connection, Conditions, Motivation & Action. Five basic skill sets, or ways of looking at any desired change or problem situation. These five GameChangers make self-initiated behavior change easier, faster and more predictable.

Along the way there are over 100 perspectives (containing hundreds of suggestions), which make the five GameChangers come alive through stories and examples. The book features 15 exercises spread throughout the book, plus questions at the start of each of the five GameChanger chapters and almost 100 original visuals, most of which are created by the author, David Winkelman.

Aimed at a professional audience dealing with the constant need for flexibility and growth in a sea of complexity, the book asks such questions as:

  • What would you like to change about yourself?
  • How do you feel stuck, limited or disempowered?
  • How will you get support for the changes you want?
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The book’s overall aim is to help make desired change, or growth from within, easier to achieve by sparking insights and awareness you can act on, and get support from those around you. As a foundation for the reader’s own personal experience of the material, the author reveals personal pieces of his own story to connect with the reader’s feelings, as much as his intellect.

The book is packed with information, written in a serious, humorous and personal way for people ready and willing to look within and achieve desired change.

Click here to listen to an interview of David discussing his new book, Embracing Change, on the Inside Personal Growth Podcast.

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Get the first 3 chapters of David’s guidebook “Embracing Change from the Inside Outâ€.

Subscribe to Winkelman Solutions’ Newsletter

Get the first 3 chapters of David’s guidebook “Embracing Change from the Inside Outâ€

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