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Get the first 3 chapters of David’s guidebook
“Embracing Change from the Inside Out”.


Three interactive and experiential skill-building programs adaptable to client’s needs, schedules and budgets that produce greater engagement and results—guaranteed to help get individuals and teams unstuck.

Emotional Intelligence Training

Create a context for transformation versus change

Connection 101

Effective stress management—increases productivity & well being

Clarity for Action

Find solutions to recurring, negative, situational issues

Emotional Intelligence Training

When driven to achieve an extraordinary vision, how we embrace desired change—or move away from it—determines our success. Because our emotions directly impact our interpersonal and professional competence, increasing our Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is key to achieving greater effectiveness, functionality and productivity.

Create a context for transformation versus change.

Get crystal clear on the human agendas, motivation, clarity, and control issues that run our behavior.

Articulate—and calibrate—the complexity, pace, stress, and pressure of the forces that are running your life.

Get the kind of support you need from others in your life to make the changes you desire.

Identify and own the obstacles within you in order to obliterate them.

Have more fun with your emotions and feelings.

David Winkelman is trained and certified in EQ from TalentSmart, the #1 provider of EQ training to Fortune 500 companies, whose programs are not available to the public. It’s two-day programs—which feature the use of movie clips, multi-media presentations, engaging group exercises, textbook, workbook, and secure online appraisals—can be fully customized. For more information visit or ask David.


Mindful Breathing:

Exploring the mind-body connection and its link to performance, the fully customizable Connection 101 program can easily be added to any existing wellness program. It simultaneously integrates improving one’s focus, wellness, stress management, and resilience. Any wellness program that includes mindful breathing as a cornerstone practice provides immediate, fundamental and essential support for employees!

Mindfulness linked to higher performance―enhancing corporate culture.

Conducted for teams of people who work together.

Customized to meet the needs of each organization—from 30-minutes to 2-hours in length.

Increases productivity & well being—also known as effective stress management.

Internal exploration your team can share with others and take into the world.

Follow-up sessions available at different frequencies.

BENEFITS OF more conscious breathing INCLUDE:
  • Speed to results
  • Enhances communication and improves teamwork
  • Enables better focus and concentration
  • Rejuvenating; develops greater wellness, vitality & energy
  • Strengthens peer-to-peer and top-down support
  • Simplicity and ease
  • Relaxes and reduces tension
  • Lessens reactive behavior that often disrupts work flow

Whether 30-minutes or two-hours—Connection 101 is a distinctively fun, engaging, and energizing participatory experience. It’s a series of exercises done individually, in pairs, small groups, or with the group as a whole. Most of these exercises can easily be repeated by participants on a daily basis outside the workshop. Intermixed throughout the workshop are principles, actions and stories that support participants in tapping the benefits of the practices they’re learning.

Clarity for Action

Skills For


For leaders, managers and supervisors dealing with recurring negative situational issues that don’t seem to go away. A fully participatory, 2-3 hour customized program dealing with your company’s own situation-based content infused with EQ and facilitated visually. Can be structured for regular follow-up.

For teams who want to expand their possibilities—create a “next-level” of shared experience in alignment and productivity.

Discover—or further develop—your remarkable capacity for achieving a state of mind-body clarity and the effective action that comes from it.

Create “Aha” moments that your team will continue to act on in sustainable ways.

This is a practical and tactical skill-building program aimed at expanding critical communication and problem-solving skills regardless of the level of education, training or rank. It is best done in actual team configurations, though “cross-pollinating” teams may work better in some cultures.

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Get the first 3 chapters of David’s guidebook “Embracing Change from the Inside Out”.

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